Mod Rewrite and Ranking in Search Engines


If you go to Google and search for “garmin nuvi 465t” on the first page of search results you will find:

which is a Mod Rewrite.

Note: if you type in the below URL’s they all work. ie. the last subfolder is not relevant and variations work.

I am planning to do a Mod Rewrite which is simpler. In the case of this web site I would just use:

My question is: Is there a good reason why this site uses 3 sub folders in the URL? ie. product.php/4729/garmin-nuvi-465t—noh

Would my simpler Mod rewrite rank better, or at least as good as this web site? Or is it best to include the wording “product.php” in the URL? Is there a good explanation why the last subfolder in their site is not relevant? Does Google like this ending within URLs?