mod_rewrite and proxy|P question! Please help!

Hey guys, so I have created a website to upload and host .swf (adobe flash) files. To save on bandwidth all files are uploaded to amazon S3 because of the cheap pricing.

I want to hide the source amazon url… Currently the urls look like this.

I would love to be able to achieve this:
User goes to:
and it redirects to

the actual filenames will be corresponding EG: 123.swf on both urls.
If possible i would love for the url in the browser to not change so even though its redirecting to view the swf the url stays as

I have done some research and gotten a little help and someone told me i should use but im VERY new to this.

Any help greatly appreciated!


If someone can download the flash file, they’ve GOT it on their computer. HOW are you going to hide that from your visitors? THEN, if you use a redirection but serve the file anyway, what use is showing a false URI (the answer is NONE).

With that, though, if you need to learn about redirections with mod_rewrite, please have a look at the tutorial article linked in my signature and come back with questions.