anyone tried this? does this help? so far im musing mod_delfate and mod_expires for performance

mod_pagespeed does improve the performance of web pages of website. It has many
filters which optimizes javascript, html and css stylesheets. It can also optimize jpeg
and png images.

However it’s use is depends upon the operating system and the webshoting control panel you are using. For example you can install mod_pagespeed on cPanel server but as it hasn’t been added in easyapache you can not directly compile it with easyapache.

From the user expeiences it has some performance issues too. Please have look at

I’m using

  • Magento 1.6.0


  • Apache 2.2.21
  • PHP 5.2.17
  • APC 3.1.9
  • Minify Cache
  • Suhosin 0.9.33

If i wanted to use Google mod_pagespeed… what do i need to deactivate??