Mocking framework improvments ideas

I’ve uploaded a new Mocking Framework project to my Github account:
A little background:
The framework was created to make my life much easier in Mocking chained methods when testing with PHPUnit.

For example, if I needed to mock the following method chain:

$entity->first_method('foo', 'bar')->second_method('foo')->third_method()->fourth_method()->execute();

without using ShortifyPunit framework I would needed to mock each object of the response and to inject it to the previous call which is kind a LOT of mocking to code!

so using ShortifyPunit I could just easily mock it using this type of code:

// mock the entity
$entityMock = ShortifyPunit::mock('EntityObject');

// Stub
ShortifyPunit::when($entityMock)->first_method('foo', 'bar')->second_method('foo')->third_method()->fourth_method()->execute()->returns(1);

I would love to hear your guys thoughts about it. and maybe even ideas to improve.

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