Mobilize or make responsive

Hi! I’m a front-end dev who is asked to … make a number of existing web apps responsive.
My question is what would you call this process:

  • make the website responsive
  • mobilize the website
  • some other expression

Thank you!

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Another phrase I’ve heard is to make them ‘mobile friendly’.

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I suppose it depends on whether you are truly going to make the website responsive, for any size of device, or just make it look okay on mobiles.

“Mobilize the website” sounds like you’re going to put it on the back of a lorry and take it on journey! :slight_smile:


There’s an App’ for that :slight_smile:

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The word “mobilize” would be the first intuitive choice even for laymen (as I saw one use). It’s pretty logical: “to make mobile-friendly” => mobilize. This could be the front-dev professional term, just like the word “copy” which, to the professionals, means matter to be printed OR material for a newspaper or magazine article OR text for the website.

Not for those of us who already associate that word with other meanings.

That’s the one I would use.


I have just googled the “Website mobilization” in Russian (my mother tongue) and was surprised to learn that the word “mobilize” is used quite extensively in the context of making websites mobile-friendly! Apparently Russian devs embraced this second meaning of the word a while ago.

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It sounds as though you had made your mind up before you even posted this.

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Nope, I just like words and felt like “mobilize would be such an obvious choice”. I was surprised to discover Russians use it like this after I posted this but I wouldn’t have asked this question here if I had already made my mind.

My picks:

  • smartphonize the web site
  • cellphonize the web site
  • iphonize the web site
  • responsitize the web site
  • portabilize the web site
  • dumbify the web site

Why can’t I find most of those words in a dictionary?:thinking:


I like “modernize”, most succinct.

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