Mobiles: when is javascript not javascript


I thought I was being clever by loading images via javascript to make the page load faster.

I have just checked 3 mobiles, and in 2 of them the images don’t show up. I assumed they did not have javascript enabled, but they do!

So, why are the images not loaded? They are both the cheaper Samsung models.

I would be grateful if someone could explain what might be going on, and if possible check my page on your mobiles and let me know if the images come up or not

Thank you

Are they Android, or something else? If so, which versions. I can take a look on an iPhone 5 and a Galaxy Mini, but not for a while; it’s dinner time here, must cook…

The ones that show the images are both Samsung Mini Galaxy, one being S3. I believe theit OP is Android

Many thanks for any help you can throw this way.

I’ve just realized that the problem may be elsewhere. of my 6 main pages (distributed via the index page) they all have the same problem on these devices EXCEPT ONE! The Bali page.
So, now it’s detective work. What does the Bali page have the others don’t, ot vice-versa. I have done a fair amount of work on these pages recently but they all got the same treatment and the same stylesheet (except 2, Barcelona, and Sydney, that today I changed to take into consideration the loading of images via javascript) That has not been done yet to the other pages, so the problem must lie elsewhere.

My old and basic phone with Opera Mini does show the images, but it takes an eternity to load the page. It doesn’t always handle JS well (insufficient processing power), but rendered the page OK (eventually).

Hi TechnoBear

The fire is out!

I think I found the culprit and Justice is on the way! In the Bali page, the only one that behaved with the Samsungs the images were wrapped in a div <div class="img-container"> </div>

I added that to the Jakarta page and the images are starting to show,

If I have learned anything about this I solve one problem and it creates two more!


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