Mobile Web Design: Be Swift About It!

Wait a minute - that code definitely works?

Yeah i don’t want to post my counties site but yes.

It works on my blackberry, ive tested it on 3 blackberry models in total.

Works just fine.

Sure mobile web will be growing substantially in the future… but it will not replace at home computer screens. Each has it’s own place.

Mobile will be for fun, instant searches, games, forums, news, facebook, email…things on the go and spontaneous info. Lets face it, the screen limitations of mobile phones limits what information you can put on mobile websites.

Normal websites will still be the place for business, information, in depth research, and value added services.

will not replace at home computer screens

Dunno…I hope it’s not true. I love my 5 monitors that I’ve come to call “the kit” (for any drummers out there) and can’t think of a better way to multi-task until mobile figures out how to allow for multiple browser windows and ftp.

But, truth be told, I just went two full business days with just a blackberry in my hand instead of a traditional computer screen and got quite a bit of work accomplished this afternoon while attending my son’s basketball tournament. And, I didn’t even have to lug my laptop along. The look of the future maybe?

Do you think that’s why companies are introducing the new what they call netbooks something to compete with the mobile phone industry?Just a thought.

Well lets look at the web like we would a movie.

Do want to surf squinting at a 2 in screen or a 21inc.

Im guessing mobile will adapt to the web and not vice versa.

Thats what iphone talks about.

Yes but the new ones have 9 in screen wifi only drawback compared to laptop not cd/dvd drive.

Links are not working if articles are there.

Hi you could try Mippin too!

The service is called Mippin Mobilizer and mobilizes blogs very quickly and easily. Give it a go and you could find you blog in front of one of the worlds largest mobile audiences too!

Great little article and an interesting site. Seems to work a treat… though only a minute percentage of our users visit via a mobile device I’m always happy to provide them with additional accessibility where possible.

I’ve just developed a mobile version of an online directory enquiries website… Although it works well and is perfectly usable, users will hit a snag when they try to pay for extra credits and are sent to a completely mobile-unfriendly paypal website. It isn’t really much of a ‘web’ if the majority of websites are either extremely unusable or just plain broken on handheld devices! (:

Hi, does anybody know how possible it is to do a cross mobile compatible site with a shopping basket and payment connection?