Mobile View Toggle Nav

Hello, In my mobile view of this website the open navbar
has a horizontal scrollbar and I am not sure why.

I believe I need to put an overflow property somewhere…

What browser? I don’t see it. I tried it using the emulator in chrome and loaded it on my phoneand don’t see a scroll bar anywhere…

Every Browser.

hmm not sure why its just me…

Hmmm. I wasn’t before, but if I refresh the screen, I get it. Odd.

It’s the negative margin in this command in navbar.less (line 238??), I’m not sure why it’s even there as it doesn’t have any effect that I can see…

.navbar-nav {
    margin: 7.5px -15px;

I see ill check it out

Yeah it was that I took it off now thanks.

I get a horizontal scrollbar at about 440px.

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