Mobile Spacing Issue

Hi, I am having trouble adjusting some spacing on mobile. There is a huge gap between my address and form. I have tried adjusting each class involved but it won’t change. Im sure im missing something dumb. Here is my page.

Did you fix this?
That’s not how I see it in Firefox and Chrome in responsive view.
Though it’s a little messed up in FF, but no gap like that.

I didn’t fix it. On my phone (Stock Android browser, Chrome, and FF) the gap is still huge. I just moved my site from https to http and this problem happened. It wasn’t a problem before moving to https nor was it while i had https. No code has been changed. All of the sudden it appeared after I went back to http.

no gap here on stock android browser.

I fixed it, thanks!

What was causing it (so that others with the same problem will know what to look at)

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