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As a newcomer to mobile site design, I have three questions. One, what is the cost comparison between a non-mobile & mobile website? Two, what is the difference in the time is takes to build each? Third, where is a good place to read/watch tutorials on building mobile sites?

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Well hello, answer to your first question is that price can be all over the place question is who can you find to do it but at the end it can be same price. As for second question again it is same process only with few tweaks. And here are some instructions:

and this is tester for various resolutions:

The W3C has quite a lot of information about building sites for mobile. It’s all worth reading (honest :slight_smile: ), but you might want to start with the Bandwidth and Cost and [URL=“”]Page Layout and Content sections. Their [URL=“”]Mobile OK Checker is also a helpful resource.

In my experience, the process is like making another website except you already have your content. As for where you can learn, I suggest looking at other mobile websites and see how they do it.

SixFlags Mobile
Yahoo Mobile
Facebook Mobile

It looks like they use 100% width for almost everything. This should help with all the different sizes for the phones people use.

Get inspired.

That’s right, there is a lot you can learn and come to know about by looking at other websites. I would also suggest looking forward for some websites that will brief you about the differences in the development phase of the two.

Choosing a suitable mobile application or more than one app will help in creating or developing a user-friendly mobile website. It will be good if you select a mobile application which is appropriate for your website. I have a mobile website for my event company. I use event management app or software to make my mobile website function properly.

If you are building a brand new site I would highly recommend at least a semi responsive approach so you don’t need to maintain two separate code bases. Separate sites is really only applicable to larger, dynamic application type sites. Otherwise in many cases I would consider it to be an overkill and waste of money short and long-term.