Mobile site loading 2 x slower?

I recently ran some tests on a mobile site I have running in a sub-domain. When I ping the main site and the sub-domain, they are about the same. But the loading time for the mobile site is almost double that of the desktop site (based on standard online speed tests) even on pages with virtually zero pictures.

What can I do as the mobile site is useless unless it loads quickly.

thanks in advance

something in the script nothing to do with the browser

been using (through desktop) for speed test which shows main site average speed per KB 0.09 seconds and then mobile site 0.19 seconds? Mobile version don’t have any large content that may increase the load time and both sites are static?

They analyzing your site with mobiReady - dotMobi compliance & mobileOK checker

See if they offer any suggestions or give any warnings. They will also tell you load speeds and page size

Problem resolved - youtube embedded video removed - major difference to loading of site! Thanks for all your suggestions