Mobile Site Conversion


How do i get a mobile website made for my website, as my website is currently too heavy to be properly displayed on mobile devices. I fear that i might lose out on a lot of customers since i am based in netherlands and mobile companies typically have a download limit here. Please advice.

One method is to develop a mobile site using something like jQuery.

Another method would be to change your present website into a responsive design such that is will adapt itself in various display sizes.

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There are various options, such as adding in extra styles for mobile devices, as PromptSpace said. But that can be unwieldy, especially for large, established sites. Another option is to build a new, mobile-friendly version of your site and redirect mobile devices thither. That could be expensive, though. As a fall back, there are some sites that provide tools for you to knock up your own mobile version of your site that is targeted to mobile devices. This might be a good option for you, at least in the short term, if you want to save time and money. A few examples are:

Instead of building a mobile site I have instead just made sure that everything gracefully degrades in mobile phones with no flash, screen size variations and etc. Very soon more people will surf with mobiles/tablets than with desktops. So you are in essence providing a less functional website to the majority of your users if you provide a mobile website.

Use DudaMobile to set up a mobile site. It’s super simple

Before any changes, make a backup of your site…