Mobile site (90% of desktop pages)


We have converted 90% of our 3000 or so pages to mobile friendly versions.

Will we see a ranking boost if we convert 100% of our pages? Do Google penalise sites that are not 100% mobile friendly?


The 10% won’t rank as high as other mobile friendly pages on a mobile search (potentially). Google still returns the relevant information, if your site is incredibly relevant to the mobile search criteria it can still place high in the ranking as the mobile friendly aspect is only one part of their algorithm.

well that’s my belief from what i’ve read.

Google doesn’t penalise sites which are not mobile friendly. What it does do is give priority in search results to those pages which are mobile-friendly, when the search has been made from a mobile device.

(On the other hand, it might make for an odd and frustrating experience for human visitors if some pages on your site are mobile-friendly and others are not.)

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Thanks for the replies - we will work towards getting all pages converted.


Do any of the Web pages satisfy the validity checks?

How is the AMP different to normal mobile sites?

AMP HTML is basically HTML extended with custom AMP properties.

It’s not something I’ve ever used, or ever felt the need to use, but I know @John_Betong likes it.

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Mobile web pages are notoriously slower than equivalent desktop pages for a variety of reasons. I am in the process of writing an AmpHtml PHP Framework which should be available soon…

…meanwhile here’s a SitePoint article to wet your appetite:

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