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Hey, @marklyons! Great and a very informative post!
But I would like to ask you coding-wise -are there any new coding SEO features to be introduced? Do various CSS3 media queries affect SEO somehow?

Put very simply, if a site passes the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, it should do better in mobile Google searches.
CSS3 and media queries are very useful in making a site responsive, but I don’t believe a site will be judged on the actual code methods it employs, but on how the end result of the code renders on a small screen. For example, a site with no css at all, can be fully responsive by default, so long as it has no large images or wide tables.

Thanks @SamA74!
The Google Mobile-Friendly Test is very useful, I just couldn’t agree more! What’s your idea of ready-made website themes that have SEO friendly features included straight into the code? I’ve been considering if this is worth spending money on…

To honest I’m not best placed to advise on those, as I don’t use them myself. I do home-cooked html/css. But that’s just me, there are plenty of frameworks, CMS, site-builders and themes out there, and I believe they are getting better at this.

Thanks for sharing your expertise! A friend of mine keeps telling me that using the services of theme companies will save me some time and effort. But, like you, I’m a fan of hand-cooked approach, because then I know exactly what I’m gonna get without spending extra cent.

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