Mobile (responsive) version of website does not show since switching to Cloudflare CDN - please help

We have a Wordpress blog. Before switching to Cloudflare, for 10+ years desktop visitors would correctly see a standard theme version of the blog and mobile visitors would see a mobile version as a result of us using the WPtouch Wordpress plugin.

However, since since us switching to using Cloudflare, mobile visitors are now often - not always - presented with the desktop version of the site. This means the text is tiny and impossible to see on mobile.

Sometimes the Wptouch mobile version does correctly show, so it is a bit haphazard.

It seems like mobile visitors are often presented with a desktop version cache of the site from Cloudflare’s server.

We’ve tried to change all kinds of settings in Cloudflare and our blog for months now, to no avail.

May I ask if you see the mobile version of our site when visiting it on mobile? The URL is

Is there anything specifically we can do to resolve this issue with the mobile version often not showing on mobile devices?

I am aware that Cloudflare have their paid service for responsive display, but we don’t wish to pay as our blog doesn’t make us any money.

Thank you.

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