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I started this as a project about 7 years ago to replace an Excel mileage tracking sheet I was using. I first made a standard web site scaled to work well on a mobile phone. This worked pretty well but it took a few clicks to enter a new trip. I rebuilt it as a PWA about 6 months ago and changed the design so that a new trip can be logged in under 10 seconds. I also added some AI to predict the next trip based on history.

More recently, I added a ‘sign up’ tool for new users to try it out. I don’t plan to use this commercially but I would like to have some folks start using it to help me make it better.

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I must be missing something. All I’m seeing at that link is a log in. What am I supposed to be looking at?

Thanks for taking a look at my app and sorry if the landing page isn’t giving you a clear indication of what to do. I have a companion web site that introduces the app ( that may help potential users. On the page you visited, there should be a ‘sign up’ button that allows you to create an account. There should also be a “?” in the header that helps explains the process.

Please have another look and let me know if you have any problems.


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Update: Since posting this, I added a demonstration user for folks to try out. Just enter ‘Demo1’ in the password field on the landing page at to do a test drive.

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