Mobile nav issue on iPhone (requires double tap to expand sub menu)

I’ve been building a site for a client with the Mins child theme for Wordpress at:

When viewing the main navigation on Safari on an iPhone it take two taps to view the sub menus when it should be just one tap:

In all other browsers, mobile or not it requires only one tap as expected. I’m not a JavaScript expert, but would anyone be able to shed light as to why this might be happening and if it can be fixed (with a couple lines of JavaScript hopefully)?

Thanks in advance!


If you don’t get any help here, I would suggest you email the Mins theme about this issue.

I don’t have an iPhone to test with, and so I don’t get that menu displayed like that. My guess would be that Safari is using the first touch event as a “focus” instead of a “click”.

The only Mins theme I could find is a child theme that appears to be mostly about SCSS. Do you have a parent theme, is the theme at ?

Thanks - it’s a child theme for a theme called Primer. After some searching I found the Github site for it and I’ll submit an issue and see if they can assist.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Just a quick follow up to this. I found what the actual problem was - there’s a great explanation at CSS Tricks:

Through that article I found out about a small script called Fastclick:

It’s not meant for this exact problem, but it did remedy my situation and hasn’t caused any other issues as far as I can tell.


I regularly use fastclick for my iOS apps so the action works quickly on tapping instead of pausing briefly. Hope it works for you.

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