Mobile music player and file download


I would like to build a mobile website for small independent labels and single musicians. The mobile user should be able to browse songs, and download songs to his mobile.

I see there do exist audio-players like for example jPlayer, so I guess browsing/previewing sounds (cross-platform, Android, iOS etc.) could be done with HTML5/jQuery/jPlayer. At least I think so, to be honest I just started to learn about jQuery and just quickly tested jPlayer.

But allowing the mobile user to download song-file will be definitely difficult I guess. I belive some platforms like iOS don’t allow file-download at all (security), correct?

Of course, I don’t want automatic downloads. The user should confirm before any download would be started.

But can this be done? If yes, how? Will I have to develop a native file-download-app for all platforms I want to support, or can I use Phonegap or another framework?

Like I said, I am a newb when it comes to mobile development, I just started to read tutorials :slight_smile:

Can someone give me an advice?