Mobile Menu is not opening - async problem

My Mobile Menu is not opening like this

Is there way to fix it

I have moved this to HTML&CSS as it has nothing to do with PHP. If this topic falls under Javascript, move it as such. I believe it could also be Javascript so move it back if any mods find it suitable.

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Ur using word press cms. Goto menu section and manage there.

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It’s probably the async (async=“async”) on your customscript that is making it load before jquery is defined. Try removing async and see if the problem goes away.

<script type='text/javascript' defer="defer"  src=''></script>
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@PaulOB tnx lot it fixed it ,but as you know async is best for site speed ,so can u tell me way to disable only at menu as i removed async globally

It’s not my area really but if you move your scripts to the bottom of the html they don;t really need async.

I’ll move the thread to the js forum for a better answer.:slight_smile:


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