Mobile landscape not working

my wordpress site breaks at 500px - 768px and I can’t figure out what I need to change in the responsive parameters.
Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome, @dickinsonabby. Can you be a bit more specific? I checked on my mobile in landscape and it looks fine to me. What exactly do you mean by ‘breaks’?

images are not showing at all. just shows a black screen

Hi dickinsonabby,
I see a godaddy icon on the right side of that dashboard in your screenshot.

Leads me to believe that is some sort of editor preview screen. Any sort of editor preview like that cannot be relied on. Only a real browser will give the actual page rendering.

You page works fine for me in Firefox and Chrome’s Responsive Design Mode, portrait & landscape views. All images are there.


I did not reproduce the problem. If not a control panel, do you have a browser ad blocker enabled?

Hey btw she should make the break point at 800 like alittle before the break point the navigation goes under neath each other and overlaps the red box.

I know this isn’t really part of the issue but it simply bothers me lol.


thank you.

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