Mobile Graphics Distorting

Hi there,
So I don’t think distorting was the right word, but my problem is that I have designed a mobile web page and placed a 240 px wide graphic in the header. When it is viewed on my iPhone, it looks as if the width has been shrunk and the height hasn’t, so it looks a little ‘squished’. Why would this be happening. I have defined the width and height of the image. You can view on computer and mobile to see the difference. Thanks!


Hm, looks fine to me in the iPhone simulator, which is normally very reliable, and also on Mobilizer, another testing program.

Maybe try setting a min-width if you haven’t already? Seems fine to me, too.

Hello all my friends!

When you created your website by using HTML codes. so i think, you had not used proper XHTML, It meant by used just HTML. Kindly go to your HTML coding page, and you should do 5 special necessary things, specially closing tag e.g. </sample>. If you’ll do it, i hope your website will be opened in your mobile phone page.
Kindly, do one thing, For checking XHTML proper coding, Kindly open your website into many browsers. I hope, your website would be opened few browsers, not in all. Some browsers will fail to open your page properly,