Mobile device friendly way to display some address


i’m about to make a website responsive/mobile device friendly. The problem i’m trying to solve is the displaying of an address (its a website of a restaurant) the way, most mobile devices could copy it to the onboard navigation or even save it as contact to use it as navigation target. (some interaction of the website with the device, so the user wouldn’t have to type the whole address manually)
On the desktop version i use google maps dynamic api, but it doesnt work well on mobile devices (cause of small screen size, doesn’t work in all browsers, almost “killed” my old android phone cause of ressource consumption)
So i tried a vCard by placing a donwload link top it, but it worked only in some internet Browsers (other ones just displayed is as text file)
I also tried a QR Code: qr code scanner app can read and displays the address on the map, but the mobile browser doesn’t recognize a qr code.

Im actually using a static google maps api, but there is no intereaction with the device

How do/would you manage this problem?