Mobile Development trends for 2015

I came across this post this morning on mobile development trends for 2015. What are peoples thoughts?

Do you agree? What would would you add or remove from the list?

Hehe, responsive web design and web apps FTW. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh? Can someone translate that article from Buzzwordian for me?

For me, I would hope to see more developers realize that less content on mobile/tablet is not acceptable, and working harder to ensure that all content is available regardless of the viewport size.

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For me, it will be the battle for the developing markets… Which means probably less work (as many low end phones run HTML 5) but less revenue to…

For me. i would hope to see more mobile development in 2015.and it will be very big challenge for web design

Stand alone apps are surely losing their luster. I absolutely agree that the API needs to be more flexible to create more flexible front-ends. The challenge that mobile app developers are going to face is micro-moments. This feature will require more interaction and understanding of the client’s needs which may possess as a challenge to many.

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