Mobile cutting off site

Well, I tried looking at the site on my phone and the right hand side is getting cut off. I’d show a screen shot from my phone, but the forum won’t allow me to insert the image.

Is it a fixed layout or dynamic CSS? if it’s fixed then this could be a reason why

What do you mean by fixed vs static? Do you mean i’m using percentages for widths or pixels? Or are you asking if I built the website 100% responsive? Well, I know that it doesn’t have to be responsive to fill the whole screen on a mobile device. I really wish this forum consistently allowed you to upload photos. I select them just fine, but then can’t get them into my post. Instead I created a page that you can see the screen shot on.

You can upload images by clicking Go Advanced and then using the Manage Attachments button.

Anyhow, the effect you are seeing is usually caused by one or more elements on your page being wider than the others, though I can’t find it in this case.