Mobile CSS & Fluid Layouts

I am developing a website primarily for mobile use, and am using fixed percentages as measurements. I figured when a user opens the page images and text would be blown up to fit the scale of the screen size, but as you all probably know, it just ends up looking like a shrunken website. For example, an image that is 105 px tall actually appears to be something more like 10-20px after the screen is zoomed out.

I am trying to accommodate multiple devices, and change the look on the fly if they were to flip the phone. Something like . Is there an example on the web showing how to achieve something similar?

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This may provide some insight.

There are some other threads here that may be of use:

I just used this tactic here:

Involves having the screen size of the devices detected and then providing an appropriate stylesheet for that device. If you were so inclined, you could create a stylesheet for the many different screen sizes for mobile browsers.