Mobile Attribution 101: What Every Developer Needs to Know

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Optimizing the user experience of your app is crucial for its success, and the best way to do so is by collecting data on how users interact with it. While regular analytic tools do a good job, there’s an even better way now.

Welcome to mobile attribution. This approach to measuring app performance allows you to discover where and how users are interacting with your app and connect them with key points in the app journey.

But what exactly is mobile attribution and how do you use it? Keep reading to learn.

Mobile Attribution Explained

Mobile attribution is the process of measuring two metrics, such as ad spend and app installs. Given that the mobile advertising industry will exceed $244 billion by 2020, you need to know which strategies and channels are wasting your money or generating the most returns.

Mobile attribution also helps mobile app developers and companies determine how users are interacting with apps and mobile ads. This information can then be used to optimize marketing campaigns, the user experience of an app, and more.

In a nutshell, the process looks like this:

![How mobile attribution works: user clicks ad; user ID saved to network; user installs app; user opens app; attribution SKD launches; attribution tool collects data|1000x242](upload://p6rPV9TjV23Jy7ffzxXebG5TNbh.jpeg)

How mobile attribution works

Not taking advantage of mobile attribution means that you won’t have the most detailed and accurate data on your mobile app and its advertising performance. This can result in missing opportunities when they arise, or discovering problems too late.

![Appsflyer: people-based attribution. One view of all devices, platforms and channels|1000x463](upload://sbzE3dUm0VXbX58QklrHIbSQZPL.jpeg)

Appsflyer is a market leader in ad attribution and analytics with their proprietary “People-based Attribution” technology

Next, let’s talk more about why you should be using mobile attribution.

The Benefits of Mobile Attribution

These are some of the main benefits you will experience by taking advantage of mobile attribution.

Track user events to optimize your app

You will be able to track every little detail of how users interact with mobile ad campaigns in your app. This includes where they found your app originally, which pages they navigate to, and what features they interact with the most.

This information is priceless. It’s telling you exactly what pages and features users enjoy the most, which channels drive the most traffic, and what campaigns are generating the most results for your app.

You can then invest more capital into profitable channels, push favorite features to the forefront, and improve how every user engages with your application.

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