Missing background color at load time, why

I see a wrong background image on sidebar every time it loads. Is there any perfect solution for this. I am talking about http://www.satya-weblog.com. If you hard refresh it then you will understand.

Image attached for convey the point:

At home page, sidebar Js widget is very less in number so better try at single/post pages.

I hope detecting the problem will not take much time to those who are a full time designer.


I just tried it in FF and what I saw was the sidebar “growing” as it loaded each widget.
I didn’t see what you show in the screenshot though, i.e. content without the background.

Which browser are you using?

Sorry, meant to add - I’ve seen a similar problem using IE6 on another site - I think it’s just a browser rendering bug, because I know for a fact that the code I was using on that occasion was clean.

Neither do I get the problem; have you thoroughly cleared your browser cache first?

No dear,
This problem is from long time.
It may happen as someone has said that sidebar grow as content is coming.
So, there should be a solution for this case.
Can be check that everything is ready then we will show sidebar. but same time we need to check that other content do not get affected due to taht.
Design challenge!

(I am using FF. though I see the same problem in IE also when I hard refresh)

Thanks Stevie
I just want to do something so that it come as a clean sidebar in first instance. even it delays or wait for whole sidebar to load.

It works fine for me - using Opera, IE8 and IE8 compatibility mode. What browser are you using?

In such situations you may consider deleting the browser history and trying again.

I want to say background color and not background image. There is no background image for sidebar set.
It takes background color from body tag at load time where as sidebar has its own bg color. Any solution!