"Mismatched security token"

This has happened to me a couple of times already and it’s very annoying. I’ve left a thread open, gone for a couple of hours and then replied to the thread. But, what happens is I get a simple message about a mismatched security token. The page is a simple error page, with nothing to indicate it’s Sitepoint. I press the back button, and of course the textarea is empty (FF3.5). I suppose this is because of its rich text capabilities rather than FF’s fault.

Surely it must be possible to somehow save the user’s input? Even if it’s just a part of the error message so they can at least copy it (“here’s what you submitted”). This sort of thing also happens if you press the edit button and take a long time to write your answer, during which the threshold time for editing posts has passed. Except in this case, there’s no error message, your edits just vanish into thin air. It seems obvious the user should be warned the time has passed and that (s)he’s be better off writing a new post, with the opportunity to copy over their writing.

Can this be remedied please?

You should do a refresh before replying anyway. Someone may already have posted the answer while you were away. That will recreate the security token.

Yeah, I know I should refresh, but I forget. I’ve just noticed how whiny my post above sounds…

It still would be nice for the text to be momentarily saved though, for both cases. :slight_smile:

That’s why they have this feature: if it’s painful enough to forget to refresh, eventually you’ll learn. Quasi-Pavlovian … :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t seem to stop ErikJ from forgetting, lawlz. He mentions it often : )

Due to another forum logging you out and losing everything you spent your alotted 10 minutes typing, I’ve already gotten into the habit of ctrl-c ing everything before hitting post anyway. If I don’t trust my clipboard (Gnome has lost plenty) I can paste in gedit.