Misalignment with drop down boxes in IE7

I’m just about there with a the project below, but I’ve got a deal breaking issue in IE7 - when you click on the drop downs, the option list is shifting significantly to the right…

If anyone could have a quick look and let me know if they spoit anything, that would be much appreciated.

[link here](http://www.handprintwebdesign.co.uk/coverage/coverage_new/coverage_new 4.htm)

link you posted doesn’t work, gets you to a 404…

Sorry - that should have been:

link that works

I suggest adding


this sometimes fixes a bug that pushes element to the right in IE versions earlier than 8…

Thanks for having a look - turned out to be a width:100% rule that IE7 didn’t like.

When I took it out, its fine in IE7 without any conditional CSS.