Minor change to wordpress page - turns ugly

Hi, I was adjusting one of my pages on my wordpress theme when I previewed the changes the page went amok. I tried restoring from backups and even within wordpress it’s self, neither resolved the problem.

Can Google Cache view the page before it went amok ? if I’m going to get this fixed having a comparison will help ? Explaining how it looked prior wouldn’t be hard but visual reference would make it easier. I did a code comparison within wordpress and everything looks good, and I haven’t installed any new add-ons. The page when viewed in edit mode looks fine in wordpress, how come it’s not looking how it did when I save it ?

Help would be appreciated

Google Cache is updated periodically - I don’t think they keep old versions (at least not publicly accessible), so have a look at it quickly before it takes a snapshot of the current page.

I think you are right, before updating this thread let me see if I can get it solve though some other methods.