Minimum ram to use when using Photoshop

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What is the minimum Ram use one would need if you do many large project designs in photoshop? Not only the graphics but fonts ect. Some of the designs are 1 x 3 m.

Photoshop make use of 300MB ram. It consumes hell of ram while opening Photoshop software. Because it has to load all its fonts, styles, graphics etc etc.

My machine only has 2GB memory installed and seems to run Photoshop and Illustrator reasonably well at the same time - although I’m looking to upgrade my machine (and my memory up to at least 4GB pretty soon).

You can limit how much memory Photoshop is allowed to use: Edit > Preferences > Performance.

I would say 2GB memory is perfectly sufficient for running Photoshop CS3 (can’t say so much for CS4) even if you’re working with pretty large documents.

What version of Photoshop are you running? How much RAM do you have installed on your computer? How much RAM you assign to Photoshop should depend on how much RAM you have in total, and whether you generally like to run other applications at the same time.

PS will basically use/want 3-5 times the file size in RAM space. At least that was the rule of thumb when I was doing prepress work with rather large files. Now, I haven’t done that type of work in quite a while and PS might have optimized things better currently.

If you are doing using large files, you should have as much as possible. If you have a 64-bit operating system you can go with 8gb’s which is optimal if your on a PC. If your on a Mac, get whatever you can afford.

Other ways to do increase performance in photoshop especially large files is create it in PSB (I think is stands for Photoshop-Big).

Have a partition in your computer and setup photoshop to use that as scratch disk space. Also make sure you allocate the correct amount of virtual memory (windows) to the correct drive.
ie; have C:\ to run your OS/Programs and D:\ as scratch disk space

The virtual memory setup makes a big difference I found when loading big files, it seems a hell of a lot faster and better saving speeds.

If you ever run out of memory during photoshop –> ie; “not enought disk space to save” you can purge history that will free up some more space.

I hope this has helped. But if you can upgrade and get more ram - it’s cheap as chips these days.


I use to run photoshop CS2 on my laptop which was having 256 MB of RAM only!!
It was running nice in that…but for the Photoshop CS4, the need can be more as there are many new graphics features in that!

But if you are having 512MB then also it can run pretty well…

photoshop needs more memory and can run better when you enough of the RAM, you can challenge the performance with low RAM,I guess to work efficiently with Photoshop you should install 1 GB Ram

I currently have 1GB. I’m looking to increase RAM to 2GB sometime next month.