Min-width with absolute positioning

Hi everyone,

I have a site whereby the logo and utility nab are absolutely positioned so the logo sits to the left side of the content, and the utility nab to the right side, so when the browser is scaled they move in and out.
I would ideally like to somehow set a minimum width, so even when the browser is resized to be quite narrow, the logo and utility nab don’t overlap the content.

Is there a way I can set a min-width to enable this? I tried a min-width on the wrapper but that doesn’t work.

The structure can be seen here: http://development.pelli.co.uk/absolutelogo/blog.html

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi. Set a min width on the wrapper. And set the wrapper to position relative so the absolute elements flow with it.

Thanks Eric, tried that but it breaks the layout slightly, see amended version at http://development.pelli.co.uk/absolutelogo2/blog.html

Original still at http://development.pelli.co.uk/absolutelogo/blog.html

Thank you