Min-height not working in IE 6

hi folks,
i m making a propety of css which is like this

<div style="overflow:auto; width:1023px; height:auto; min-height:200px; max-height:380px">

. in ff its ok but in Ie 6 (haven’t tried the 7 or 8 yet) the min-height is ignored. how do i fix it?

It’s in the FAQ’s How do I get min-height for all modern browsers?
You’ll need to move the inline styles to a stylsheet so you can filter for IE6.
You need to use height as IE6 treats that as min-height. You need to override the overflow too to get the min max heights working.

.thingy {
* html .thingy {
  overflow: visible;
<div class="thingy"></div>

All the best,