Migrating Your Offline World to the Digital World

After moving the sixth time in about six or seven years I’v successfully managed to reduce the loads of things I used to have to an absolute minimum :slight_smile:
OK…there are still many, many car parts stored in the basement/attic as they’re useless if I digitalize them.
And I’m a hoarder of kitchen utillities as I like good knifes / cookware (especially those made by “WMF”).
But hey, one needs a hobby - and mine have to be as distant away from computes as possible.
My flat is pretty empty, though, around 100 square meters with “nothing” but light, light and light.
Well, OK, things I still do have are stored in my working room, mostly books (PHP etc.) and software CDs/docs as I don’t always like the “feel” of eBooks and downloaded software.

I’m personally trying to go as digital as possible for anything that is digitally possible! On top of that, I’m trying to get over an obsessive compulsive need to to keep all “stuff”. I’m a lot better with age surprisingly… … I’m in the middle of a spring cleanup right now… I’m clearing out shoeboxes, boxes, totes and selling off spare parts, trinkets, nicnacs… giving away stuff I don’t use, extra clothes and so on… stuff that… well… has only sat in a shoebox or tote for however long!

I feel good after doing it as well… I fully understand the clutter free feeling. I’m trying to make sure I only keep stuff I need and use, only one of them and that everything is organized. I have my coin collection, my rock/mineral collection, sports card collection and all household items, hardware/tools etc with a place and try not to hang on to anything else physical unless it serves a purpose. My computer, oj 8500 printer, ps3/media server are all a go on the network and the externals keep backups plus one offsite for safekeeping the digi-possessions.

Anyone else have a closet full of clothes where you only wear like three shirts and three pairs of pants or is that just me?

My wife has three of them, one for each major trip we’ve taken in the past couple years. It allows her a quick way to scan through each trip and relive the memories without having to flip through all the photo albums.

I notice this in my life as well. I don’t need as many think as I have. Even if i have 70 tshirts ( I only use one when I get out ). The idea is that many things will just take your time ( to care of ) and you will have no time to do what you really want.
The digital world saved a lot of time and gave also the idea of abundance.

Whether we like it or not, digital is the way the world is going. I enjoy the tactile nature of a book, a CD with the liner notes, a well-printed and framed photo, etc. But these things are quickly becoming things of the past and their digital counterparts are taking over. We may still print photos but only the rare exceptions that are worthy of a frame and a spot on the wall. Music will go purely digital, no doubt about it. The most popular music store from my teenage years was just recently closed down. Same will go for DVDs.

Books are the only thing I can see sticking around a bit longer because there is a more collectible aspect to books. But besides that, everything will go 100% digital at some point in the near future.

I have over music 300 CDs and then another 150 with programs and software collected over the years. Now that I have to move to a place with less room, I’m thinking of going digital.

I also have a good bundle of books and computer magazines that I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep and that makes me so sad :frowning:

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I just want to know how to add a link or pictures with links to my posts without the account would be banned?

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I don’t think you’re getting old fashioned in regards to storing data on The Cloud. Although I’m talking about digitalizing possessions and media in this thread, I actually don’t have any intentions to transfer anything to The Cloud for a long long time. My Internet connection isn’t reliable or stable enough for me to even consider doing that. I would happily use Google Docs or Office Web Apps - But if I lose my Internet connection for a few hours or if I can’t even get access to a document to print off because I haven’t got a connection when I turn my PC on, how will I get access to it? Besides, good external hard drives come pretty cheap these days, so I’m not fussed with investing in a 1TB external hard drive.

My Mum likes to keep things written down in her notebooks with her pen and paper, if she had a computer she could use she could just open Microsoft Word or Microsoft Notepad and jot them down there instead. You have a computer and the knowledge to use one, so maybe you should start using it for that reason :wink:

You took the words right out of my head on how I feel about The Cloud.

I love the minimalist lifestyle, but I wouldn’t say clutter burdens someone. I agree somewhat with being weirdly attached to stuff, but I wouldn’t imagine people are that attached to such possessions that could be digitalized.

Storing psychical possessions and digital possessions both pose their own advantages and disadvantages, like everything, nothing is perfect. I have a preference for the Digital World though. A .mp3 file will not get scratched and stop working correctly over a time, unlike a CD. Same goes with a DVD that freezes and skips bits of the film. As for electronic failure, simple, use more than one back-up. We’ve been doing it for years us IT professionals…Haven’t we? The amount of stories I hear of people losing their data because they didn’t use more than one back-up source is crazy. See, you can have a CD and DVD collection but how do you back them up? Buy 4 copies and have them stored in different storage buildings / warehouses? Too costly. Buy 1 digital DRM free file from the iTunes Store and back that up on an external HDD, The Cloud, a private server network in the house, hell, even in a relatives home on another external HDD. The cost is pretty much nothing.

As for your question on keeping digital files over a century - I don’t know, but it’d be interesting to see how things develop. People who used to have Vinyl copies of their favourite songs can now buy, and probably have bought, tapes, CDs, and even digital copies, and perhaps listened to the song on YouTube too. You simply have to keep up to date with the most widely used media storage medium.

I agree. As others have said I also enjoy the feel and even the smell of a good paperback book, but I’ve just recently started purchasing eBooks / Kindle books from the Amazon Store and reading them on the Kindle for the PC application. I don’t print any of my pictures, I just store them on my PC and perhaps on Facebook, when the need arises. If you ask most young people for a picture of themselves now they’ll often tell you to look at their pictures on Facebook, which is of course the digital / online World. Although my sister likes to have pictures printed off, they aren’t any special pictures, she could just keep them on her laptop and print off the special ones and frame them. Saves money, saves paper, saves ink, saves time.

I see paperback books sticking around longer only because mainstream eBooks have become available only recently with the advent of eReaders like the Amazon Kindle and so on. In 20 years time, do you still think there will be major book stores in shopping malls and so on?

Wow. 300 CDs and another 150 disks! That is some collection you’ve got there, Nuria. But that is exactly how I felt when I moved out of my parents house to my University accommodation - There was so much I had that made moving much harder than it needed to be. It was too much when most of it could be moved to the digital World - And I did just that. Moving back was so much easier to do.

That’s another thing for me now though - I subscribe to a popular Web design magazine based in the UK and US called .net and they’ve recently just started selling digital issues and subscriptions in addition to their paperback issues and subscriptions. I now buy the digital issues in the .pdf format. It’s cheaper than the paperback version, I have it on my PC and if I want to print a certain article out I can do and if I then recycle that printed paper article and find out I need that article again a year down the line, just print it again from my digital copy. Because if you have something paper based that you don’t have digitalized and you recyle it you can’t get it back. That’s one of the disadvantages of paper but an advantage of digital.

One thing that troubles me after reading the replies in this thread is ornaments. I’m only 20 and I have two ornaments of my own already. I have a desk ornament of an Owl and a set of 3 monkeys doing the “Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil” poses. I don’t anticipate myself buying many more ornaments, but if I do then that’s more stuff gathering dust that needs hauling about whenever I move around. Maybe one day I’ll be able to get rid of them, or perhaps store them in the ever faithful attic / loft!

Andrew Cooper

PS - Sorry about the month old bump, I just had to reply!

Have a human skull as an ornament they are much more stylish than an owl and some monkeys playing with their hands. Though I suppose it keeps you focused on reality rather than the e-world so having the odd ornament is a good sign. A broken or unpowered computer is an expensive doorstop anyway.

With paper it has duel rolls; you can always make origami artwork of the material or burn it to keep warm something you cannot do with electronic documents.

In twenty years time there will be brick-and-mortar book shops but I suspect they’ll be mainly specialist or chains.

I don’t really expect to be ageing in 100-years time anyway, so longevity of data over such a period of time won’t be of my personal concern. :wink: