Migrating WordPress site from GoDaddy to Azure


I have set up a staging site to re-build a WordPress website for my client. The client’s existing website is hosted on Azure and they have created a new WordPress instance for me to use to implement the new website.

Because this was an urgent rush request and their team tends to move slow, I started to build the site with my hosting company with the thought to migrate to their host after. I am ready to migrate now and they have provided the hosting URL and IP address, DB connection string and FTP credentials. Am I missing info from them because when I go to the URL, I’m taken to an MS Azure login page. How do I access the WordPress CMS on Azure? I’ve tried http://[website_address].[azure_subdomain].net/admin but nothing!

Please help urgently!

Don’t you mean http://[website_address].[azure_subdomain].net/wp-admin ?

tried that as well. I haven’t used Azure before so I’m not sure if the client has to provide access to Azure.

I think I found the solution, the client provided the wrong URL.

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