Migrating to new server

I’ve moving over to a new server for better hardware and more current versions of LAMP. I just wanted an opinion of the process I’m using.
The move will necessitate a DNS change, and to ensure data integrity during this period, I thought I’d migrate the database first, and connect the web app on the old server to the database on the new server.

I can get the database moved over with the most up to date data (doing the most dynamic tables last), and once I have, I just switch the database connection to the ip address of the new server, rather than localhost. (I’ve added the necessary firewall rules and tested connection works).

At this point I’ll have the old web server connecting to the new database, so any irregularities during dns propogation shouldn’t matter, as all the db reads and writes are pointing to the right place.

I can’t see a problem with this. Can anyone else?

Personally I wouldn’t link the dev site to the new database, but I’d be interested to know what others have to say.