Migrating to Apple, which PHP IDE?


I’m seriously thinking of getting an iMac, and I’m looking for recommendations for an IDE. I currently use PHP Designer 7, which I’m happy with, is there anything similar on the Mac? How does BBEdit compare?



I use Mac, best thing I have ever done was to migrate. I use Coda, amazing program with some great feautres. Highly recommend it. Good luck with the migration, you won’t look back.

Zend Studio 8 runs on Mac. Built on the Eclipse engine, it is the most powerful and fully featured IDE out there for PHP on any platform.

Cheers, they both look very interesting. The other problem I can see is cross-browser testing, any ideas on how to do this with a Mac?

Netbeans :smiley:

By using Parallels or some other virtual machine, I think.
It’s how I do it on Linux, works fine!

Seconding the Parallels vote. It is best for testing Window’s OS browsers under mac.

Eclipse PDT runs on pretty much anything.


very good IDE