Migrating from Local Host to Live Server Unsuccessful

I think I have the worst time with WordPress migration. I’ve spent over three hours trying to understand why:

I cannot Import a database on a live server without being contsantly hounded by the error message:

    SQL query:        
         USE  `adv8u4dkjr` ;
    MySQL said: 
#1044 - Access denied for user 'advanceu_Us39fjh'@'localhost' to database 'adv8u4dkjr'

I have NEVER had issues with migrating a JOOMLA! site, but WordPress is a complete pill!

I’ve tried using Duplicator, and was successful up to the point where I click to go fix the permalinks and the site loads to the WP Install page. WTH?

I tried using Akeeba Backup, only to wind up with a blank page on the front end and locked out of the backend.

So now I’m taking the longer route by uploading ALL of the site files to the live server and TRYING to get my database imported. I’ve already reconfigured the ‘wp-config.php’ file, so that’s done. But I cannot for the life of me get the database to import AT ALL.

From localhost, the site database name is ‘adv8u4dkjr’. The live site database is ‘advanceu_8skjk398fjdn’, created via cPanel.

So, how can I go about importing my localhost database into my live server database?

have you tried using the importer plugin?
export as an xml from your live site and use that plugin to import to the live site.
so far it has worked for me.

Check that the MySQL username and password that you’re using for the live site are correct. The error indicates that username and password combination is either invalid or does not have permission to access that database

It was as you said, SpacePhoenix. Serious facepalm on my part.

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