Migrating from Google Maps API v2 to v3

Apologies if this is the wrong Forum, but the API is basically JS, so here’s hoping.

I’ve put this off a while, but Google are now prodding me to migrate to the v3 API. I’ve used v3 for new (simple) maps, with no problem. The map I’ve got to migrate is more complex, and many of the functions seem to have been renamed out of all recognition. I see no alternative to learning the v3 API fairly thoroughly (which will stand me in good stead eventually).

I’ve looked at the Google on-line documentation for v3 (and their conversion tutorial, which isn’t detailed enough). I can make that work for me if I have to. I just wonder if anyone has written a really comprehensive conversion tutorial or book ?

I’ve come across the book by Gabriel Svennerberg, but even that’s three years old now. Is there anything newer ?