Migrate WP 5 Site From MySQL to MariaDB

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I’m considering migrating my WordPress sites away from MySQL(i) to use MariaDB, but I’m not sure what is the best method to migrate.

For testing purposes, I am using Wampserver and can successfully import a MySQL(i) dbase into MariaDB, but how does WordPress determine which server type to use (I have both MySQL(i) and MariaDB installed)?

Appreciate some insight.

Thank you.

MariaDB is a drop in replacement. You shouldn’t have to change anything. Well, the connection credentials and hostname but you would have to do that anyways.

Export (mysqldump), uninstall MySQL, install MiriaDB. Then If the install does not import the data (not sure if it does) run the export .sql file that was created in mysql cli (MiriaDB has a mysql util, its that much of a drop-in). Seem to remember if you run mysql with MiriaDB as root you can easily get root access.

If you have problems search for ‘mysql to MiraDB’ pm the internet. Lots of people do this;).

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