Microsoft Security Essentials and ESET on the Same Machine

You probably know that Microsoft has recently released free security software - Microsoft Security Essentials. I already have a paid version of ESET Smart Security on my PC but would also like to install this new MS product, for additional protection. (I switched from AVG to ESET because AVG was slowing down my PC).

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t have Microsoft Security Essentials and ESET Smart Security running on the same PC?


Proudirish, yes there is a very good reason why you should not have them running together, having two antivirus products on the same machine will cause them to attack each other (each thinking the other is trying to hijack your system). It’s a well known fact that two antivirus guards does not provide you any more protection, it hammers your system resources and it’s potentially damaging to your computer to try and push them both in the same room. If you want MSE… remove ESET. :slight_smile:

ESET is going to be way more secure than the new offering from Microsoft. From what I have read the Microsoft offering is better than many but not all free antivirus (it comes in around third or so) while ESET ranks as one of the better paid antivirus which places it way ahead of any of the free offerings.