Microsoft Recommends Firefox Browser!

Hotmail has recently gotten a “facelift”. No problem, I’m not exactly fond of changes but I eventually get used to them.

I was a bit shocked to see this though

I wasn’t shocked because I’ve never seen anything similar. Twitter has had this for a while

And I guess most know about YouTube

So are the Browser Wars dead? Apparently not so much. All three of these sites use browser sniffing to read the User-Agent header. Unfortunately none of these sites offer a “don’t show me this Hey You’re Poor! reminder again” option.

Interestingly, Twitter has always seemed to work just fine, so I guess this is a well-intentioned, but annoying, “help the ignorant” attempt.

More interestingly, Hotmail misbehaves until the User-Agent header is spoofed at which point it works just fine as far as I can tell.

YouTube on the other hand may actually be a valid notice. I tried spoofing but my browser hung. Not that it didn’t crawl before on my slow dial-up connection.

If they are examining the useragent to produce those messages then there’s a simple fix - simply change your useragent so that your IE6 identifies itself as one of the other browsers such as Firefox 3.6.

Still hating Opera, I see. :mad:

When will people learn to code to standards, not to browsers? Then they don’t have to post embarrassing things like that. :nono:

Microsoft Recommends Firefox Browser!

Hm, interesting. Maybe they have to include others in case someone’s viewing from a Mac?

(TBH, I had never associated Hotmail with Microsoft! :blush: Not that I’ve ever used it. Explains why it’s hard to get HTML email working in Hotmail, I guess!.. :lol: )

I still use IE6 sometimes for looking at pages saved on my computer (not so much lately, it hangs trying to load remote files that aren’t available) but I stopped using IE6 for browsing ages ago.

I was seeing those using Firefox and Opera 9.27 - AFAIK the latest versions that will work on Win98 - I really need to beg, borrow or steal some new hardware.

But yes, spoofing the User-Agent string gets rid of the messages. But if the message was truly valid doing that alone wouldn’t make my browser magically be supported. It makes me wonder, are they concerned that I’ll miss out on Flash advertisements that I don’t load anyway? Am I not seeing it “pixel perfect”?

And yes, it is annoying that Opera seems to be marginallized to the nether regions as though it doesn’t even exist. If I was prone to suspecting conspiracy theories I’d suspect one regarding Opera.

To do what?

To stop the annoying messages. Seeing them once is enough to get the message. If they provided a “don’t show me this again” type of thing it would be OK, but no, they keep shoving it in your face. And worse, in some cases it seems they (i.e. hotmail) muck things up on purpose.