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How to make boring PowerPoint presentation effective?

I’d say if you’re creating the presentation and you think it’s boring, there’s not much hope.

Without more information, it’s hard to offer advice, but I’d say the first step is to find some aspect of the material that interests you and build on that.

There are some general tips though; some of it is about how you present the presentation, as much as it is the contents of the presentation.

  1. Don’t put all of your info on the slide.
    Generally speaking, every slide can be boiled down to a few bullet points. If you’re putting paragraphs and paragraphs into your slides, you will bore your audience. A few bullet points makes the slide a lot more memorable, because you’re not overloading your audience. See also Point 4.

  2. Use graphics sparingly, and wisely.
    A good graphic can really sell a major point of your presentation. But throwing graphics into every slide, or multiple graphics onto one slide, can prove distracting and unhelpful. Be even more wary of animations, as they draw attention away from the words.

  3. Lead with your main point, and come back to it at the end.
    Just like any essay, have a thesis and a conclusion. The first thing you say should grab your audience’s attention, while also letting them know what your presentation is about. And at the end of the presentation, include a reminder of that main point. It will help to lodge into your audience’s mind.

  4. Don’t read your presentation to the audience.
    This ties into #1. There’s nothing more boring than someone reading the slide out to you, without including anything else. And as a presentation tip, never turn around to read your slide. You want to be facing your audience; this is where the bullet points help, because if you get lost (happens to everyone), you can glance at the bullet point quickly, and reengage your audience.


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