Microsoft Office Product Key question

It turns out I’ve hit my 3 activation limit for Office 2007. The problem is, one of the PC’s I installed it on is dead and I’m trying to install it on a 3rd “working” PC. Should I call MS to explain this situation or will they care? Does that maximum limit apply to working and non-working PC’s or is it a simple 3 limit max and that’s it? I really would like to avoid having to buy a new full copy of office at the moment.

Call them.

yup, its amazing how much can be achieved by the old fashioned methods of talking!!!

Was just trying to get an idea if it’s worth spending the time on hold later this evening. Figured I could get the question answered without doing so, as I’m sure someone has been in this situation before. I’d rather spend what little free time I have in the evening with my wife and daughters instead of spending even more time on hold waiting for customer service - thank God for the web.

You are allowed to have it installed on three computers at any one time. If one of those computers no longer has it installed (or is dead) then you are allowed to install onto another computer.

Depending on how long ago the other installs were the activation may or may not allow you to do the install. If it doesn’t then you need to call them to explain so they can reset it.

Just start the installation, and when you get to the point you need to activate the license, chose to do it over the phone instead of over the internet.

Now you will call a computer operated phone number, after entering the key generated by your computer, you will get a message saying the license has already been installed three times, then a question asking if its been uninstalled on the other computer(s) (cant remember the exact question it asks). Just answer that it has, and in most cases you will receive the confirmation key right away to enter on your computer.

In some cases if you have been doing a lot of installs during a short period of time etc, you will be forwarded to a support person to plead your case. But just stay to the point, be polite and explain what you mentioned here and they will reset your license limit.

Thanks for the info guys, got it activated.