Microformats forum?

Does somebody know a microformats forum?

Ok, maybee somebody here can tell me how.

How can i add GEO to an image without a caption or figure. For a single image you just use the img tag…

Where to place la and lo here if you still want your image name in the title tag:

<img src="my.png" class="geo" title="nice picture" />

do i need to put extra markup like a figure or span around it?

How about image links? Is it ok to have the geo in the a tag? Like:

<a href="mylink.com" class="geo" title="50.025787;8.880268"><img style="margin-bottom:20px;" src="my.png" title="show me" /></a>

because if you put it in the img tag it shows the la and lo on hover.

I’ve just had a look at the microformat specification and can understand the issue you’re currently having. As it stands the microformat for geo has two references you need to make to reference the latitude and longitude directions (and these are required to be text that has been marked specifically). As such I would recommend using the following (which adds the text related to the image directly below it) as you cannot simply list it in an attribute and expect it to be noticed.

<a href="mylink.com" class="geo"><img style="margin-bottom:20px;" src="my.png" title="show me" /><span class="latitude">50.167958</span><span class="longitude">-97.133185</span></a>

While the above doesn’t look like an ideal solution, you can add a bit of code into your CSS to ensure that the geographical location isn’t visible on the page (but it is available to places which can make use of it), I know you wanted a solution without a caption, but you’ll need one for it to work and be recognised:

.geo span { display: none; }