Michael Melen problem

Hey there,

I am posting here as i have a difficulty with Michael Melen. (backlinkbuild.com).

I ordered the relevant link package from him but he delivered non relevant links and he does not want to reimburse me.

I’d say extremely poor customer service

Has anyone else ordered stuff from him ?

lol… what did you expect? You are doing something scammy by participating in this type of link building. And you yourself got scammed. :smiley: Did you really expect quality links to come from this?

I believe I would write this loss off as a life experience. Your chances of recovering your money are almost 0.

Link building services are frowned upon in most cases. You are more likely to do damage to your site’s ranking by participating in this type of scheme than to help it.

hey Rusty that’s a good point :slight_smile:

I am just looking for people that may have had the same experience.

I mean when you offer a service surely you have to take care of your clients.:lol: