Mexican Train - The Game

Does anyone know how to play Mexican Train, and could help me, understand so I can explain it, to others ?

Dominos or is this a reference to some porn I don’t want to look up lol

Do you have the game? Do you know how to play it?

There should be instructions in the box… if not…

In a very small nutshell…

Game goes 12 rounds.
Always starts on a double equal to the round number, so the first round starts with double 12s (assuming 12 numbers in your domino set).
Everyone has their own “train”.
Whoever has the starting piece plays it and puts down another piece (the side of the domino touching the other domino must have an equal number), so 12-12 would be the starting one, then you could play 12-11, 12-10, 12-9, etc…
If you play a double, you get to place another domino.
If you cannot play a domino (no matching numbers) then you must draw a domino from the pile.
If after drawing the domino, you still cannot play a domino, you put the hat on your train. Trains with hats on them can be played on by any player (normally you can only play on your own train).
If you get stuck on a double and cannot play on it, the next player MUST play on it if they can, if not they draw, and play, if they still can’t the next player repeats the sequence, and so on until someone satisfies the double.
Cap remains on until the player whose train it is can play on it, once they play on it, the cap is off.
Round ends when a person uses all their tiles.
All unplayed dominos in a player’s possession are counted up and that is their score for their round.
Play all 12 rounds.
Lowest overall score wins.

Conradical - Thank you, that is helpful.

TKE - Is it safe to assume you know how to play from how you described the instructions ? Can you, hopefully you have the time give me a break down instructions so I can explain it to a group of people ?

I’m going to go over both sets of playing instructions brought forth by TKE and Conradical. I’ve asked further in-case there is problems for me understanding so that I can explain to a group of people.

I’m looking also for instructions with pictures.

Once understood, all will be good.

My wife taught me how to play years ago, I’ve played a few dozen times or so. It’s the only dominos variant I actually know how to play.

Can you, hopefully you have the time give me a break down instructions so I can explain it to a group of people ?

The Ehow instructions are pretty clear (except for drawing extra dominos if you can’t play, I don’t remember having to draw an unlimited number but just one, then you lose your turn). Otherwise you could never have an uncapped train.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you for the help TKE. I’ve shown some the instructions from eHow, and they would prefer some visual images to go along with it, if there would be any chance you could whip up some instructions, by taking pictures on, settings up etc, it would be appreciated.

Check out some Youtube videos, if you’re still having trouble let me know.

TKE - I’ve watched most, if not all of those videos :slight_smile: Some of the videos, that try to explain, are very bad. If you can put something together, I can wait a few days, I would appreciate it.

TKE - Could you put something together on how to play Mexican Train ? I’ve showed the instructions to those who I will be playing with and they were unable to understand, only a small fraction of the game could they figure out. It would be greatly appreciated if you could put something together, but I do have something to bring up that was told to me by one of the fellow players in that it’s easy for you since your wife taught you live, compared to when you have to read instructions and look at pictures. That is why a clear with pictures, with a camera or web cam and step by step would be appreciated.