Method -

on when you browse jeans for example and you say show all, it loads all the images before displaying them.

now my question is how does that work? does php load the images and send them to the browser to be displayed or is it in fact ajax that loads the images before displaying them.

if anyone could break down the process how to achieve that effect i would be really grateful

It doesnt, if you select Show all then scroll down the page as soon as you can you can see the images loading.

Each image is very small at around 8kb each so they will load very fast.

You can use javascript to preload images if your site has lot of images or has many high quality images. You can also employ ‘predictive preloading’ thats were you anticipate where the user is going to go and preload images ready for the next page.

oh ok… my bad guess my connection loaded it fast enough i didnt notice.

ive seen an example with uses header() and imagejpeg() to output images to the browser. is that the same as just sending <img src=“bla.jpeg” /> to the browser?