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 How many character use in Meta title, Description and Keywords please any body replay me.


As far as i know Google typically truncates your meta description in the SERPs around 150-155 characters. Yahoo will round it about to 145-150. So the general figure would be 150 characters. Try to include all the characters in the top 1-3 keyword phrases the page is targeting.

There is no absolute maximum, you can use as many as you want, but search engines can only display about 64 characters of <title> and about 160 characters of <meta description>.

<meta keywords> is pretty much useless, and has been dead and buried for years.

Every Search engine have own rules for Meta Designing its depends on you in which search engine you need ranking, And if you need to rank in Google then OliviaSSLGuru write the prefect combination for you.

If I remember correctly, the big 3 search engines don’t care about meta descriptions or keywords.

Meta Title Length = 65-70 characters
Meta Keyword tag = 256 characters
Meta Description tag = 160-180 characters.

There is no such limitations, this is absolutely wrong.

Preferably the Description has 160 characters can be extended but usually the search engine can only read 160 characters.

Meta title characters length is 64 characters

Meta tag length preferably 250 characters

Yes and no. There is no absolute limit, but on the other hand, search engines will truncate anything beyond that, so there’s no point in having a 100-character title optimised for SEO when the last 35 characters will never be displayed in search results.

I usually just try to stick to 4 or 5 main keywords that are very descriptive.

Title: 56 character , Description: 156 Character and Keywords: 200 characters

Well, No need to worry much about meta tags. bcz since long time SEs are ignoring meta tags in except meta description which display with title in SERP . Any how better is minimize the length of meta tags

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