Meta Tag Tool


I am looking for a tool that can list all the URL’s in a website as well as the current meta data (titles, descriptions, keywords) for each URL in the website.

Does anybody know of a tool that can do this?



Do you mean like a sitemap generator? if that is what you need here is the llink to help you.


Thanks for prompt response. I have a sitemap tool, but want a tool that can list all the URL’s under a domain (like the sitemap generator) but then also show the title and descriptions and meta keywords for each of the pages/URL’s.


Well, there are lots of meta tag generators all over the internet that are accessible. Here are two tools that you can use to create meta tag for your site. Just choose one you like the best and I hope that helps.

Meta Tags Generator Meta Tag Creator
Online Meta Tag Generator, Free Meta Tag Creator, Meta Tag Builder Tool


For meta tag creating no more need to using tool it is fully manual is best i think…??? Meet again.

I never heard like any kind of tool which can show all meta tags in one time.But you can check by view source code of that website for which you want to see their meta tags.Some of meta tags generator can help you,not sure!

There is definitely a tool that can do this! It’s just a minor change on the sitemap generator.

A1 Website Analyzer can do this (it has a lot of data columns, so you may need to hide/show a few to more easily see titles/descriptions/keywords for all URLs)